Slut Dragons and Talking Cats: The latest Rick and Morty episode is the weirdest yet

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Just a picture of Rick “Soul Bonding” with a Dragon

I’ll say this about the current season of Rick and Morty. It keeps surprising me in new and delightfully disgusting ways.

This weeks episode, titled “Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty”, presents us with another scenario of Morty asking Rick for a reward he promised, a fair trade for having his young life risked yet again on an crazy adventure.

Morty just wants one thing.

A dragon.

Rick tries to renege on his promise, believing dragons are lame and saying “You know whose into dragons Morty? Nerds who refuse admit their christian.” However, Rick eventually relents and summons a wizard to initiate a soul bond between Morty and his new grumpy dragon, Balthromaw. This goes as well as expected, because Balthromaw isn’t too thrilled to be beholden to the whims of a 14 year Zoomer. Later, some accidental fire breathing is the final straw for Rick and he goes Slay the beast. However the two end up bonding over the dragons collection of treasure, and their mutual love drugs and freedom. This tender moment initiates a REAL soul bond. Unlike the contract based one made with Morty, this one is much more…..intimate. This insane scenario ends with Morty and Summer finding out, Morty ripping up the deal, Barlhromaw being captured for being a “Slut Dragon”, and Rick and Morty having to go save him from being hanged.

While Rick, Morty and summer are getting into highly magical and highly kinky hi-jinks, Jerry has his own weird little story going on with a talking cat, inimically voiced by Matthew Broderick. Why does the cat talk? Where does it come from? The cat thinks you should learn to not ask questions and just have fun. This episode was probably one most weirdest and vulgar yet, and I haven’t even mentioned the “Slut Dragon Orgy Super Phoenix” yet.

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Just a talking cat. Nothing to see here.

While it could very well be argued that this was one of the more uneven and inconsequential episodes in the series lineup ( the words “Slut”, “Slut Dragon” and “Fuck” are beaten into the ground very quickly), I would personally argue that its also one of the funniest in recent memory. The surreal scene of a wizard whipping and slut shaming a dragon, will be stuck inside my mind for weeks. While the side plot with Jerry and the Cat is admittedly boring and starts to feel like a waste time the more it goes on, the hilarious pay off is dark as it is vague.

By the time the episode was over, I knew fans were going to either love it or hate it. It relies too much on cursing and sexual/gross out humor, and yet for some reason the longer the episode played, the more I laughed. The whole episode feels like something Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland wrote while they were drunk or playing D&D. But I’m willing to bet real money that they couldn’t stop giggling to themselves while were writing it.