Well I finally did it….

Not that anybody was really anticipating this, but I finally have a website where can I just crank out my eclectic thoughts on pretty much anything.

Movies, Music, Tech, Games, Comics, how terrible but wonderful city life is.


I created this site because frankly…. I think too much. That’s not some humble brag or me attempting to establish intellectual dominance.

I’ll save that for later.

No, just in general my brain just never shuts up and can never stay focused on one thought alone. Always yammering away on some wild opinion, random thought or stupid idea. When you have a boring desk job, unlimited internet access and an active imagination, you are definitely going to be just a ball of anxious ideas.

Even now as I start type this introduction post, I have a million ideas for what I want to post, but for now lets just take it nice and slow like a terrible new wave band.

If your reading this from when I first posted or perhaps years later:

Thanks for giving me the time of the day.